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a5c7b9f00b Brian D is your normal gamer. He is passionate about his game and wishes with all his heart to go big league. He finally gets that opportunity when in a public match he is able to kill the greatest player in the world, "the Law". It's the shot heard round the world and the user name BrianD is instantly famous. His fame results in him being accepted into one of the most prestigious institutes of gaming ever established, Video Game High School (VGHS). But when Brian gets their he finds out that not everything at VGHS is fun and games. He not only is thrown into the world of typical high school drama of rivalries and teenage crushes but he also has to deal with VGHS's top player and big man on campus, "the Law", who since their pub match mishap is not to happy with Brian. We watch Brian and his friends Ki and Ted as they mature, find themselves, overcome obstacles, and reach checkpoints all it the fantastical universe of VGHS.
In a futuristic world where gaming is the top sport, a teenager attends a school which specializes in a curriculum of video games in each genre.
I wish I could watch this series again through the eyes of someone else. Someone who hasn&#39;t been watching freddiew videos for over a year, and wasn&#39;t refreshing the VGHS Kickstarter page to watch the donations accumulate, and wasn&#39;t subscribed to bfirenzi and EpicMealTime and feastoffiction … <br/><br/>My first-timer friends fit all of those qualifications. To my delight, they were all just as engrossed and entertained as I was. It was as if I had helped create the episodes and was yearning for their approval. <br/><br/>The series is not flawless. The character development felt a bit rushed and a critical eye can spot minor inconsistencies. But who cares? What makes this series special is that it wasn&#39;t polished by the Hollywoodlanders. It&#39;s organic. And in the end, I was able to share a common experience with my non-youtuber friends: we loved it. <br/><br/>(Shout out to Brian &quot;The Law&quot; Firenzi–you stole the show, fantastic acting)
As a long time spectator of e-sports I will say this. VGHS does not portray the life of a pro-gamer in any way. But if you enjoy Monster and Razer advertisement, well this is your lucky day. The amount of Monster cans and Razer gaming peripheral makes this seem more like advertisement than a TV-series. The illusion of this being an actual real life scenario is constantly crushed by the obvious advertisement. Unfortunately this is not the only thing breaking the illusion. There are quite many small errors that add up. Like how the actors use their gear for example. They are more or less just pressing fanatically at 3 keys at the same time while constantly clicking the mouse buttons making themselves look like they have no idea of what they are doing when their characters are supposed to be at the highest level of gaming.<br/><br/>The cast is not bad but not good. Using the Youtube stars seems to be more of a marketing tool and more important than having good actors, which I think would have been the only way to make it anything near a decent product.<br/><br/>The animations are okay, nothing that will amaze you even considering the budget.<br/><br/>The biggest problem is the characters, even under gun point can I imagine them being pro gamers. Not a single one. The supposedly best player in this universe seems to be more occupied with other stuff to even practice the 12-14 hours a day which would be required by him. Them being the best at video games are as likely as a hockey team with 6 year olds wining the Stanley Cup.<br/><br/>VGHS is a fantasy story, more surreal than Game of Thrones. You literally drown in obvious advertisement to the point of it being parodical. While watching this I&#39;m constantly pinching myself hoping to wake up from a nightmare. Again, the way the actors use a keyboard and mouse is like unintentional slap-stick falling down the stairs comedy. With these fatal errors pieced together with the mediocre cast makes this nothing but a 2/10.

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