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Midnight Ride Full Movie Hd 720p Free Download

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646f9e108c A house wife just left her cop husband, when she picks up Justin Mckay she'll wish she never didshe's plunged into a nightmare and the grip of a psychotic killer.
After a heated argument with her military police turned cop husband, Lawson Russian immigrant house wife, Lara storms off into the night convinced he's more married to his job than her. On her drive to a friend's house, she takes pity on a mournful hitchhiker Justin Mckay, desperately searching for a ride. Her offer of a lift to him plunges her into a night of pure terrorJustin is seriously disturbed, twisted by a tortured childhood which ended in being made to see his little sister's shocking murder and mutilation at the hands of his brutal alcoholic mother (who took a butcher knife to her head and used it like a comb) who systematically slays anyone who harms or offends him on a murderous impulse,he captures their dying moments on his Polaroid camera. As Lawson struggles to follow Lara despite a leg in plaster, he is left for dead by our Justin, but recovers and now must search the steadily darkening roads for Lara, while her deeply troubled captor Justin continues his uncontrollable slaughter-spree, rampaging through the night leaving behind carnage and fiery devastation on his path of madness.
Michael Dudikoff starsa police officer who spends the entire woman stalking his estranged wife (Savina Gersak), who is in the clutches of psychotic hitchhiker Mark Hamill, seems Hamill wants to go to the loony bin and wants Gersak to be his wife (This movie is so silly.) and during the movie Dudikoff is tied to a hood of a car, while Hamill drives, Gersak screams and Hamill twitches in front of the camera while Robert Mitchum cashes an easy paycheckhe barely looks at the camerahe plays Hamill's doctor. Midnight Ride has all the elements there to be a decent movie but in the hands of Bob Bravler this is all ridiculous with no stab in credibility what so ever. For instance Dudikoff is crippled in the beginning of the film (My guess is that he broke his leg doing one of the stunts for the movie) and yet despite this he still manages to outdo his American Ninja styled heroic actions with plenty of gusto to spare. Ever sprain an ankle? Well you can barely walk, now try imagine trying to beat someone up at the same time? Oh and consider that breaking your leg is much much worse than that. More implausibilities play out. The climax in particular is so ridiculous that it becomes obvious that there is no attempt at credibility to any of the action sequences. What is even more amusing is just how misogynist this flick is. The woman in this film is put through an ordeal because she had the audacity to leave her husband, Hamill's mother was a psychopath (Hamill's sister had an affair with him), another female victim talks back to her boyfriend and the first female victim is shrewish, hence these women are either killed or put through an ordeal. The film also never notes the sharp irony that Dudikoff really is not a good guy, in that he's justinsanethe villain of the movie. Dudikoff refuses to let his wife gohe takes off after her. He offers stock apologies that seem manipulative, he steals cars and furthermore seems to rescue his wife out of jealousy rather than actual love. Of course reading too much into a flick is somewhat pretentious even for me, but there is no doubt that that this thing is somewhat sexist. This of course didn't bother me so much,the credibility of the action sequences and story. Plus the acting is not very good. Dudikoff comes off the best which says something considering who he is. Mitchum seems embarrassed, Hamill is hammy and Gersak is a rather weak heroine. However the most annoying thing about this movie is just how many times Hamill keeps picking up Gersak. It happens at least 3 times and each time the explanation is absurd. Movies like Midnight Ride live and die by their director's execution and in Bob Bravler we have a guy who has no real sense of distinguishable style so the action sequences are only okay, making it easier to point out flaws in the credibility of how such action sequences are conducted. Therefore the audience sees through the plot and realizes that this far fetched thriller is hardly thrilling.<br/><br/>*1/2 out of 4-(Poor)
Despite receiving top billing, I wouldn't call this a Dudikoff movie. It's Mark Hamill's movie all the way,the former Luke Skywalker chews the scenery and steals the entire film. In a role that again demonstrates Hamill's versatile talent, he plays a mental patient who has escaped from his hospital to visit his doctor, Robert Mitchum in a small supporting role towards the end of the film. After an argument, Dudikoff's wife leaves him and goes to see her sister, picking up hitchhiking Hamill along the way. Dudikoff borrows his friend's car and sets out to find her, unaware of the danger she will soon be in. As muchI like to see Hamill play good guys, he always makes a delightful bad guy, and his role here is one of his best psychotic characters. Even when he's playing nice there's an underlining sense of uncertainly. The wife finds out Hamill is a psycho when he kills a hotel clerk and fashions a necklace out of her fake eye, dangling it from his finger and asking if she likes it. Dudikoff soon catches up, but learning he's a cop, Hamill forces the wife to hightail it, setting off a dangerous game of pursuit. Dudikoff thinks his wife is trying to get away with another man, and the entire time, always ends up one step behind. At one point he loses his car, forcing him to steal another from a car carrier truckit speeds down the highway. (A great scene, by the way).<br/><br/>There's plenty of action: car chases, explosions, car chases, explosions, and one tense scene in which Hamill straps Dudikoff to the hood of a taxi cab and proceeds to slam repeatedly into the rear of a gas tanker (the driver of which must be completely unable to feel the hits his vehicle is taking). The climax at a hospital is pretty goodwell, with a tense final encounter between Dudikoff and Hamill on the roof of the building. The gritty cinematography helps give the film a horror movie-like tone. I just wish we had known a bit more about Dudikoff and his wife. All we know is that he and a friend helped get her out of Russia, though how we are never told. But that little unknown plot point aside, MIDNIGHT RIDE is effectivea creepy little road movie, and fans of those should enjoy it. It would make a terrific Saturday triple-bill with DUEL and THE NATURE OF THE BEAST.

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Midnight Ride is an action thriller film. It shows the problems arising in a family due to the lost attachment between the wife and husband due to his job. cbd for pets And the story goes with their fights and the problems made by them.
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