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Steele In Circulation In Hindi 720p

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7cb1d79195 Alfred Hollis thinks that he is helping his new friend, Angelica, by "borrowing" $2.3 million slated to be shredded by the Federal Reserve Bank where he works. The money is stolen from him. Mr. Steele stops Alfred from suicide and works with Ms. Holt to recover the money before the bank notices that it is missing.
A man who works at the Federal Reserve takes over 2 million of currency out and leaves it in his car. Later his car is missing. He's about to jump off a bridge when Steele sees him and saves him. Steele bring shim to Laura and h tells them a girl whom he got close to told him she's trouble and needs money so he took the money to help her. When they try to find she's nowhere to be found. They then ask Murphy who hooked up with a girl to help. Eventually they find the girl and admits that she was threatened by a man to get him to take the money. When they check him out they discover he's the one who's his boss at the bank. But they do more digging they discover the man is dead.
A rather fun episode where all the ingredients fall together.<br/><br/>Remington Steele saves a man who his about to jump off a bridge. Alfred Hollis works for the Federal Reserve Bank where he is in charge of destroying old currency until he borrows some of it to help a female friend out. The money is then lost and he realises that he has been scammed. Once his employer finds out what he did, his world will certainly collapse.<br/><br/>Laura and Steele need to help out Alfred who at every turn, each time he receives bad news tries to top himself.<br/><br/>Murphy meanwhile has hooked up with a one night stand who told him she was an air hostess. She turns out to be a Psychology Phd student who loves movies and even worked in construction. She actually loved helping the gang out.

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